December 17, 2012

Today was a little on the “off” side. Not really bad, but unusual, y’know. It started off with five or six kids talking about the school shooting in Connecticut. It was really sad, if you ask me. But kids were saying it was scary. I think the kids in Connecticut might have been scared, but I just think it was sad. Those kids went to school…and they’re not coming home. D ‘: God help those families, please! Our music teacher was happy (she’s really nice when she’s happy), and talking about the Festival of Colors, in India. It was super cool. Next our Spanish teacher she showed us this “Community Heroes” slideshow she made. It was really helpful, I admit. After that everything went normally and good. Our substitute teacher for science class let us play Mad Libs, which was pretty awesome. 🙂 Then I walked home from school and picked up a copy of a poem, “Advice from a tree”, tacked on an Emerald Ash tree infected by Emerald Ash Borers and therefore must be cut down. It’s one of the oldest trees in our neighborhood and will be missed. : ( THAT WAS TODAY!!!!!! : )

Oh, and here’s a picture of the skirt I’ve also been working on:Photo on 12-17-12 at 6.24 PM #2

and since with all of my posts you can’t clearly see my background, here’s the pic:Photo on 12-16-12 at 1.20 PM : ) Bye!


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