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I’m going to post once a day as much as possible, but here’s an exception. My name will not be told, nor will my address or any personal information. I think you already know what’s “awesome” in my genre. My cousin Eileen who knows how to work Netflix perfectly. Her mom is afraid she will begin to figure out passwords and buy things, like when my brother Michael bought 50 boosts on a racing game on our iPad. It cost about $8.00. He has an afro, and I enjoy locking him up on our balcony. He’s not able to get out when I do so. My uncle posted a post on Facebook claiming he was a Greek rapper (my family’s mostly Greek) called Pasticchio. We call him that to this very day and forevermore. I am obsessed with clementines. I make my parents cocktails – 19/5, not 24/7. I love bungee jumping. When I was four or five. I was walking down my next-door neighbor’s steps. Their car was parked RIGHT IN FRONT. They had an apple tree, and  an apple lay on the stairs. I didn’t look where I was going, and slipped on the apple, slamming my head on the car. I had to get stitches, and one of the surgeons looked an awful lot like my piano teacher. I got locked in a bathroom stall. In preschool, there were thick mattresses surrounding the time out chair, and the poor kid sitting in it had huge mattresses covering him after a kid threw a ball at him. I flung myself off a swing once when jumping off, flipped in midair, and landed all Spiderman-style as a five-year-old. I touched a clearly-dead spider, and immediately it began moving. Not like I resurrected it, but it was pretty cool. I rubbed my finger on it, and it twitched and ran away. I had a surprise party once – and literally had a heart attack. I didn’t know where to go after my act at the school talent show was over. There used to be a crazy squirrel living in our tree – CRAZY. It had babies which fell out of the tree and onto our patio. They were dead, but cute. Another squirrel tried to scale our school wall. I am terrified of McDonald’s. One time Michael, as a baby, was crying in a different room from my mother and I was in the same room. I was two years old. I had a bag of Cheetos. And I thought he was in a state of hunger. So….he stopped crying. My mom came in to see what was going on. And I was shoving a sixth Cheeto into his mouth, the other five sticking out of his mouth.

And that’s basically all the awesome things of my childhood.


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Read the book first and no one gets hurt.

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